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 Grandfather Tree Intro


Think of Grandfather Tree as your formal introduction to the Redwood Country of Northern California, and what an introduction it is!  This Old-Growth is better than 1800 years old.  That means it first sprouted prior to the great Maya Civilization and in the heart of the Roman Empire. This natural wonder stands 265 feet tall, with a diameter of 24 feet, and has a circumference of 55 feet.  These stats make Grandfather Tree one of the 5 widest coastal redwoods in the world...and probably the easiest to find, as it is nestled directly off Highway 101 as you enter Humboldt County.  A quick 2 miles from Richardson Grove State Park, and a mere 20 minutes from the famed "Avenue of the Giants."  This breathtaking gem is a must see!

Grandfather Tree Park is a shutterbugs dream.  Strike a pose in front of our coastal giant, the bark teepee, or with one of our exceptional chainsaw carvings.  You may even run into one of our master carvers, as we host carving exhibitions during the spring and summer months.  Other outdoor activities include a gem mining sluice, a play area for kids with a step-through stump, redwood carvings, and giant stump chairs for the three bears (Ma, Pa, and Baby!).  In our recently renovated gift shop, you will be sure to find a gift for most anyone.  We have a host of locally made redwood products, traditional souvenirs, and apparel for infants to adults.  Grandfather Tree Gifts & More has been family owned and operated since 1984. Wander into extraordinary!  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram @thegrandfathertree. 

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